How to Keep Birds from Nesting Under Deck

Are birds making your deck messy with their nests? Need ways to stop them from nesting under your deck? You're in good company! Many folks face this and have found different tips. But, what actually helps?

There are lots of ideas, from fake owls to fishing lines and reflective items. Some suggest using special colors on the ceiling. But, are these ideas really good? What might work best for you?

We will look at various ways to keep birds from your deck. Let's talk about fake owls and if they actually work. We'll also see if you should move them around.

There's also using fishing lines and spikes to keep birds away. We'll see how well these ideas work.

Moreover, we'll check out how reflective items can help. They might keep birds from hitting your windows. Also, painting the porch ceiling blue might keep insects and birds away.

Get ready to learn the best ways to stop bird nests. Find out how to make your deck bird-proof. Enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about birds messing it up.

Plastic Owl as a Deterrent

A plastic owl is often recommended to keep birds from nesting under your deck. Yet, its success is up for debate. People who've tried it share different outcomes. Some saw fewer birds, while others didn't.

The owl's power to scare off birds changes based on a few things. This includes the kind of bird, where you live, and how the birds usually act. And, some birds might learn to ignore the owl.

If a plastic owl works for you, consider moving it around. Change where it sits every so often. This keeps the birds guessing. They won't get used to the owl always being there.

Still, a plastic owl won't fully ensure no birds nest under your deck. Mixing it with other bird-control tactics might help more. Think of using it with spikes, shiny tape, or other things that bother birds.

How well a plastic owl stops birds varies a lot. Trying different ways could lead to a better result. Always experiment to find what works best for your deck.

Fishing Line as a Deterrent

Fishing line is a great way to keep birds from nesting under your deck. It's a method that many people dealing with bird issues turn to. It has shown a high success rate.

As a barrier, the fishing line stops birds from getting under the deck. It's both effective and cost-friendly. You can attach it to the railings to keep birds away.

Placing the fishing line at 2-6 inches high is best for this purpose. For areas where it's harder to deter birds, using more lines is a good idea.

deck nesting deterrentsPin

This method has its perks. The fishing line is hard to see, keeping your deck looking nice. It doesn't hurt the birds, just keeps them off your property.

Fishing line is a great solution not just for decks. You can use it on fences, roofs, sheds, even trees, windows, and garden beds. This shows how useful it is against bird nesting.

People who've used the fishing line method say it works. The fishing line disrupts the areas where birds like to sit and keeps them away.

Using fishing line wisely can make your deck area free from birds. This helps avoid the problems that come with bird nesting. You'll have a quiet and calm outdoor space.

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Spikes as a Deterrent

Spikes are a great way to keep birds from making nests under your deck. You can find them in long metal or plastic strips. They stop birds from choosing your deck for their home. Spikes work well on fences, railings, roofs, and sheds too.

Placing spikes on these areas makes it hard for birds to land. This keeps your deck a bird-free zone without hurting them. It's a safe way to manage birds without causing them harm.

Be careful when putting up spikes to avoid accidents. Make sure they're tightly secured. Place them where birds like to gather to keep them away from your deck.

Spikes are tough and will last through different weather. They're always working to stop birds from nesting. They don't injure birds but they make it unpleasant for them to stay.

Choose the right type and size of spikes for your deck and bird type. Think about which birds you want to keep out. This will help you pick spikes that do the job.

Remember, spikes may not work alone for everyone. You might need to try a few methods. Keep testing different ways until you find what stops the birds for good.

Reflective Tape as a Deterrent

Keeping birds from nesting under your deck involves several strategies. One method is to use reflective tape in important spots. Reflective tape hangs easily from areas like windows, siding, and railing. Birds are deterred by the shiny reflections it casts.

This tape catches sunlight, making it flash and sparkle. This bothers birds, making them find nesting places elsewhere. It's a great way to stop birds from choosing your deck for nesting.

Hanging the tape strategically is key to its success. Place it where birds gather or try to nest. This forms a barrier that keeps birds away from your deck.

Reflective tape is easy to attach and works on many surfaces. It's also tough against weather, so it lasts a long time outside.

Adding an image of the tape on a deck railing could make this section more engaging. It shows readers how the deterrent works visually.

Reflective TapePin

Reflective Tape
Highly reflective tape for deterring birds
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SpectrumV Bird Repellent Gel Dishes
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Avian Block Bird Repellent Pouches
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Reflective Spinners and Discs as a Deterrent

Reflective spinners and discs are great for keeping birds from your deck. They use shiny surfaces to make bright, confusing patterns. This scares birds and stops them from nesting or hitting windows.

The spiral shape of these spinners catches light from many directions. This makes them eye-catching and frightening for birds. Hang them under your deck or near windows where birds might go.

Reflective discs also work well. They have hooks for hanging and can stop birds from flying into windows. Both spinners and discs keep birds at bay with light.

Advantages of Reflective Spinners and Discs
Disadvantages of Reflective Spinners and Discs
- Reflective spinners and discs effectively deter birds from nesting under the deck.
- The effectiveness of reflective spinners and discs may vary depending on the bird species and their persistence.
- The spiral design of reflective spinners creates eye-catching reflections that scare away birds.
- Some birds may become accustomed to the reflective spinners and discs over time.
- Hanging hooks on the double-sided discs allow for easy placement on windows and other surfaces.
- Regular maintenance and repositioning may be required to optimize their effectiveness.
- Reflective spinners and discs are humane and environmentally friendly.
- They may not be as effective in deterring nesting birds with strong determination.
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To use spinners and discs well, put them where birds most often go. Try different spots and angles to make them extra visible. Check and move them around to keep birds scared.

Besides spinners and discs, you can use many other things to scare birds. Plastic owls, reflective tape, fishing line, and sounds can all help. They stop birds from roosting or trying to nest on your deck.

Plastic Snakes as a Deterrent

Plastic snakes are often suggested to keep birds from nesting under decks. They are placed where birds usually nest or rest. This can stop birds but also scare other pests like squirrels away.

These snakes look like predators, which makes birds feel unsafe. It’s key to put them in visible spots, especially under the deck. This can really help in keeping birds from making a nest there.

Using only plastic snakes may not be enough, though. Combining them with reflective tape, fishing lines, or spikes is a good idea. With a mix of deterrents, you can better stop birds and avoid bird nest problems.

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Deterrent Options Mentioned
Number of Mentions
Cats or dogs
Plastic snakes
Aluminum foil
Bird tape, strips, or CD strings
Installing nesting boxes for birds

A variety of methods may work against bird nesting. Cats or dogs, plastic snakes, aluminum foil, and pinwheels can all help. Bird tape, strips, or CD strings are other useful choices. Even providing nesting boxes for birds can keep them away from under your deck.

With any of these, your deck can become a place birds avoid. This keeps your outdoor area clean and less bothered by pests. Think about what birds are in your area to pick the best options for your deck.

Painting the Ceiling as a Deterrent

Want to stop birds from making a nest on your deck? Consider painting your porch ceiling light blue. This method, called "haint blue," might help keep birds and bugs away.

Haint blue is a special light blue color. It's used a lot in the Southern U.S. to keep unwelcome guests at bay. People think it looks like the sky, which confuses birds. This makes them less likely to nest there.

To try this, pick a shade of blue that's considered haint blue. Test different blues to see what works best. You want a space that looks nice and keeps birds from your porch.

The haint blue paint job can scare off birds and even some bugs. Most of the time, it stops birds from setting up nests. And there are fewer flies around the blue ceiling area.

But, it might not do much against mosquitoes. If you're mainly worried about mosquitoes, you might need to do more than just paint your ceiling blue.

In summary, using haint blue on your porch ceiling could be a smart move. Combine it with tricks like hanging up reflective tape or having fake owls. This can make your deck less inviting to birds, all while still looking good.

Exclusionary Products for Nesting Birds

Nesting birds can be a problem, but bird netting offers a simple solution. 3/4" Mesh Bird Netting forms a barrier under decks. This stops birds like swallows from making nests in those spots.

For a strong choice, Black Heavy Duty Netting from Bird B Gone works well. It's backed by a 10-year warranty. That means you get a decade of bird-free space.

The Swallow Shield is made to keep swallows from nesting under decks. It's two sections that measure 3” wide by 11” long. This easy-to-install product can help keep mud nesters away.

SpectrumV Bird Repellent Gel Dishes stop perching birds. You can buy them in different box sizes. Choose what fits your space best.

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Avian Block Bird Repellent Pouches are excellent for various bird types. They protect 1000 cubic feet for each pouch. With six in a pack, they're a solid choice for your deck.

These products do more than keep birds away. They reduce mess and damage too. Plus, you can set them up yourself. No expert needed.

Choosing the right product is key for how well it works. Use DIY for lighter bird problems. For more serious cases, pro help might be best.

For homes or businesses, these products are game-changers. They’re a smart way to stop birds from nesting.

Swallow Shield for Mud Nesting Birds

Stopping birds, like swallows, from building nests under your deck is key. The Swallow Shield by Bird B Gone™ does just that. It's priced at $9.99 and includes two 3" wide by 11" long pieces.

This shield works well for places like eaves and entryways where swallows nest. It comes with clear lines and a plastic strip. This makes it hard to see from below.

Installing the Swallow Shield is easy. It has a stick-on back, so no tools are needed. For a temporary fix, you can use push pins or nails.

YouTube video

The Swallow Shield stops swallows from making mud nests under your deck. These nests are common under roofs and bridges. It keeps areas clean and bird-free.

For those dealing with bird issues, the Swallow Shield is reliable and budget-friendly. It follows a law protecting swallows and their homes since 1918.

Contact Bird B Gone at 800-392-6915 for commercial pricing. They offer bird deterrents and removal services too.

Deterrents for Perching Birds

There are many options to stop perching birds, such as bird repellent gel dishes and visual deterrents. These are great choices for keeping birds away from window sills and door frames.

Bird Repellent Gel Dishes

Bird repellent gel dishes stop birds from perching where you don't want them. You can put them on flat surfaces like door frames or windowsills. These dishes are sticky, so birds find perching uncomfortable. This method is safe for the birds but keeps them from landing.

Visual Deterrents

Strips or foil that shines can discourage birds from your porch. They make a flash of light and movement. This startles the birds, making them avoid perching in those places.

Using both the gel dishes and visual deterrents can keep perching birds away from your home. They work well on door frames, windowsills, and decks.


Stopping birds from nesting under your deck is key to preventing problems. Using the right tools and methods can shield your deck from birds and the damage they bring. This ensures your space is safe and comfortable.

There are many ways to keep birds from nesting where they shouldn't. You could try placing plastic owls, using fishing line, spikes, or shiny tape. These can make your place less inviting for them. It's all about finding what works best for you and where you live.

You can also use smells birds don't like, like peppermint or clove oils. Hanging things that shine and putting up lights that turn on when birds come close can scare them off. And, sprays made from citrus fruits can stop birds from gathering on your porch.

If the bird issue is serious, getting help from professionals is a good idea. They can help you get rid of the birds and prevent them from coming back. It's all about making your space safer and quieter by keeping the birds away.

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