How to Keep Squirrels from Chewing Car Wires

Ever asked why squirrels love nibbling on your car’s wires? It turns out that eco-friendly materials in vehicles draw these critters in. This has led to more cars getting chewed on by squirrels. But, don’t worry, there are ways to stop them and keep your car safe. The real question is, are you willing to do what it takes to protect your car?

Introduction to the Squirrel Problem

Squirrels often chew on car wires, which can cause big problems for vehicle owners. They are drawn to the sheltered, warm spaces under the hood. Inside, they may even make nests. This can lead to damage, battery problems, and is a fire risk.

Reports show that squirrels damage cars by chewing wires, which is a common issue. For example, a single squirrel damaged a car twice in a week. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife confirms this as they get several calls every year about such incidents.

Squirrels have amazing jumping and running abilities. They can jump up to 10 times their body length and run very fast. They have babies 1-2 times a year with litters of 2-8. Their teeth grow constantly which is why they chew on things.

A vehicle may show signs of a squirrel problem by finding nesting materials or droppings. You might also hear strange noises. Look for torn insulation, chewed wires, hoses, and tubing. You might smell something bad or see rodent urine under a UV light.

Recognizing the indicators of a squirrel issue is crucial in protecting your car. By staying alert and taking steps early on, you can keep squirrels from causing damage to your vehicle.

How to Keep Squirrels from Chewing Car Wires

Stopping squirrels from attacking your car's wires is crucial. It stops expensive fixes and keeps you safe. Squirrels love to chew, and their teeth never stop growing. This is bad news for your car's electrical system. But, you can take steps to keep these critters out and protect your vehicle.

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To start, you can use things that smell or taste bad to squirrels. A mix of hot sauce or pepper spray on the wires can make them move on. You can also protect the wires with Honda Rodent Tape. It has a taste that squirrels hate.

Keeping your car clean is a smart move too. Remove any possible nesting spots like leaves and twigs from your car. This makes it less likely that squirrels will see your car as a home. Also, keeping the hood open when the car's not running can help keep them out.

You might also think about getting some high-tech help. There are devices that send out sounds or vibrations squirrels don't like. These can protect your car. Some even come with sensors to save power and not bother you when it's not needed.

Using a mix of these ideas can really help protect your car from squirrels. It’s better to prevent the problem early than to fix chewed wires and pay for repairs later.

Using Repellent Scents and Materials

Squirrels have a sharp sense of smell. There are certain scents that can keep them away from your vehicle. For example, peppermint oil is a top choice. It's applied to places like the engine bay or wiring. The strong scent of peppermint serves as a barrier. Irish spring soap is also good since its fresh smell can deter squirrels.

Cedar shavings are another great option. They have a powerful and natural aroma that squirrels dislike. Spread these shavings around your car to keep them away. Cayenne pepper works too. It’s smell can stop squirrels from damaging your car by chewing wires or nesting inside.

Repellent Scent
Application Method
Peppermint Oil
Spraying or soaking rags and placing them in the engine bay
Irish Spring Soap
Rubbing bars of soap on wire harnesses or engine components
Cedar Shavings
Scattering the shavings around the vehicle, especially in the engine bay
Cayenne Pepper
Sprinkling the powder on wire wraps or in areas where squirrels may access
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Protective materials are also available. These are used on car wires and parts. They make these areas less attractive or accessible to squirrels. Examples include special wire wraps and coatings. Using these along with repellent scents offers a full protection plan. It prevents squirrel damage from multiple angles.

Maintaining a Clean and Tidy Vehicle

Keep your car clean and free of clutter to avoid squires. Making sure your car is tidy helps keep squirrels away. Squirrels like to chew on wires when looking for a cozy home.

These animals are drawn to the smell of food and cozy spots. Small bits of food, drinks, or even pet hair can invite them in. You should clean your car's inside well to avoid this.

Don't forget to check the outside of your car. Around the car, fill or fix small holes where squirrels might enter. Look near the doors, windows, and under the car too.

  • Regularly vacuum and wipe down the interior of your car to remove any food debris or nesting materials.
  • Inspect the exterior of your vehicle for any cracks, holes, or gaps that could serve as entry points for squirrels, and seal them using a high-quality sealant or caulk.
  • Whenever possible, park your car in a garage or covered area to minimize the chances of squirrels getting access to the vehicle.

Keep your car both clean and organized. This will help keep squirrels at bay. It'll also save you from expensive chewed wires repairs.

Recommended Cleaning Frequency
Cleaning Solution
1-2 times per month
1 part bleach to 9 parts water
Allow 20 minutes for the car to air out after cleaning

Electronic and Ultrasonic Deterrents

Looking for a high-tech way to keep squirrels away? Try electronic and ultrasonic devices. These tools use sounds or sights that bother squirrels. This makes them stay away from cars and other places.

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One type uses high sounds that humans can't hear to bug the squirrels. When the squirrels get too close, they might see a bright light or hear a loud noise. This surprises them and makes them leave.

It's important to pick the right kind of electronics for cars. These are made to be extra strong and tough. They work even in bad weather and can keep going all the time. This gives your car protection day and night.

Don't just put these devices in and forget about them. Make sure they're working well by checking them often. This keeps them at their best for scaring off squirrels.

Using these gadgets is good, but not all you should do. Combine them with other steps. Use scents that squirrels don't like, keep your car clean, and get help from pros when needed.


Keeping squirrels away from your car wires is doable. By using several methods, you can avoid the stress and expense of squirrel damage. These ways include using scents that repel squirrels, keeping your car clean, and technology like ultrasonic devices. This approach gives you a strong defense against squirrels.

The best defense is to use a mix of these methods. This mix depends on what your car needs. Being watchful, using these solutions, and checking your car often will keep it safe. This way, you won't have to worry about squirrel damage, and your car will last longer.

Are you a driver in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky worried about squirrel damage? The team at Apollo Home and SWAT Wildlife are here to help. They offer expert advice and services to protect your car. By working with these professionals and using the advice in this article, you can keep your car safe. Then, you can drive without fear of squirrel harm.

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