How to Keep Squirrels from Digging in Lawn

Are squirrels making your lawn look like Swiss cheese? They dig holes and tunnels. Many homeowners are dealing with this issue, too. But you can fight back. There are ways to keep your yard beautiful and squirrel-free.

This guide will explain why squirrels dig and how to spot their activity. We'll also share tested ways to stop them. By the end, you'll know how to protect your lawn from these pests.

Why Squirrels Dig in Your Yard

Squirrels are natural foragers. They're driven by an instinct to get and save food for later. They dig in your yard to hide nuts, seeds, and other items. This is because they're always looking for food on the ground.

Squirrels don't make nests underground to avoid predators. But, they use the earth to hide their food. Things like fruits, nuts, or water from sprinklers attract squirrels to your yard, making them dig more.

Studies show squirrels love grubs, considering them a tasty meal. Yards with grubs are like restaurants for squirrels. Homeowners can fight this by using natural methods or chemicals to remove grubs.

Bird feeders can also attract squirrels. They dig around them looking for more food. A squirrel-proof feeder or food squirrels don’t like, such as safflower seeds, can lessen this activity.

To keep squirrels from ruining your yard, understand why they dig. You can try different things, like removing attracting foods, using squirrel-resistant plants, or setting up sprinklers. There are many ways to protect your outdoor space from these furry friends.

Signs of Squirrel Digging

Seeing squirrel holes in your yard is the first sign you need to deal with them. These holes are small, less than 5 centimeters across. They're neat and shallow, unlike other animals' diggings.

Squirrel holes look similar because squirrels make them. Squirrels work in daylight, unlike gophers. This might help you know who's causing trouble in your yard.

Most squirrel problems show up in your food garden. They eat nearly 90% of soft fruits and veggies before you can enjoy them. You might also see bites on seeds, tiny holes in planters, or chew marks on wood around your home.

Over half the time, squirrels mess with bird feeders or chew on trees. They also dig up bulbs and tear up trash bags. If you spot new soil mounds in your yard, squirrels are probably hiding acorns there. This happens in about 70% of places they visit.

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Percentage of Occurrences
Bitten, half-eaten, or missing soft and juicy ripening fruits and vegetables
Munched-on seed heads, small holes in pots and planting beds, squirrel droppings, teeth marks on wooden molding, and beams in crawl spaces
Rapid disappearance of food from bird feeders or broken bird feeders, stripped tree bark, nipped-off branches, eaten spring bulbs, and ripped garbage bags
New mounds of soil in the yard, indicating squirrels burying nuts or acorns for the winter

It's key to watch for these signs to stop squirrels. This knowledge helps homeowners spot and fix the problem. You can protect your lawn and plants from further harm.

Remove Food Sources

To stop squirrels from digging in your lawn, get rid of things that attract them. Stop feeding them, keep garbage sealed, and bring pet food inside. Squirrels love searching for food such as fruits, nuts, and seeds on the ground.

These creatures like your lawn because they find lots of food and even puddles for water. By taking away these, you can stop their digging. Also, keep your lawn clean without any dropped fruits or seeds to make it less attractive to these pests.

Squirrels make holes smaller than 5 centimeters wide that are not too deep. They don't live in the ground to stay safe, but use holes to hide food. Preventing access to these food sources will keep them from ruining your lawn.

To avoid unwanted digging, don't leave food outside for squirrels. Seal your trash and bring pet food in. Put wire mesh over garden soil. You can also use scarecrows or let dogs into your yard. Keeping your lawn clean is crucial too. These steps will help keep squirrels away by removing what they are looking for.

How to Keep Squirrels from Digging in Lawn

Keeping a lush, beautiful lawn can be tough if squirrels keep digging in it. Luckily, there are many ways to keep them at bay. You can use a mix of these methods to safeguard your lawn's looks and health.

One good method is covering areas with wire mesh. This stops squirrels from reaching the soil and digging. Also, scarecrows or decoys that look like predators can make squirrels feel the area is dangerous, keeping them away.

Your dog can be a great squirrel deterrent too. Squirrels avoid places with dogs because they're seen as a threat. By letting your dog protect the yard, you use their instincts to your advantage.

Another trick is to keep your lawn neat and clean. Squirrels like places with a lot of hiding spots and cover. A clean, open yard is not as appealing to them. Don't forget to regularly remove food like nuts and bird seeds to make your yard even less inviting.

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A good idea is to combine these strategies for the best results. By using multiple ways to deter squirrels, you can get your lawn back. This way, you can have a beautiful, squirrel-free place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Use Deterrents

If squirrels keep digging in your lawn, try using deterrents. A good way is to use repellents with strong smells like hot pepper or castor oil. You can also use predator urine. These smells will drive squirrels away because they find them unpleasant.

You can also plant things that squirrels don't like, such as daffodils or geraniums. This makes your yard less friendly to squirrels. They’ll steer clear of places with these plants because they find them unappealing.

Keeping your garden neat and tidy helps too. Trim trees and bushes regularly to remove hiding spots. Making your yard less welcoming to squirrels this way is a smart move.

To really keep squirrels at bay, use a mix of these strategies. Squirrels are clever and won’t give up easily. So, using different approaches can help protect your lawn. Your hard work will keep your yard looking lovely and squirrel-free.

The Sprinkler Solution

One way to keep squirrels away from your lawn is using your sprinkler system. Squirrels don’t like being surprised by water, so they'll stay away. You can set your sprinklers to come on at different times. This makes it hard for squirrels to dig or find food in your yard. It’s an easy way to stop squirrel damage without much work.

To make this method work better, set your sprinklers to come on when squirrels are usually sleeping. They'll be more surprised by the water. Also, make the sprinklers turn on in short bursts at different times. This way, the squirrels won’t get used to the water and will find it harder to dig in your yard.

Using sprinklers to deter squirrels to your yard work. It’s simple and helps keep your lawn green. Your lawn stays beautiful without the damage from squirrels.

For the best results, combine the sprinklers with other ways to keep squirrels away. Use fences, smells they don't like, or things that scare them. A mix of these methods will keep your lawn looking great and squirrel-free.

Seek Professional Help

If you've tried everything to stop squirrels but they keep digging up your lawn, it might be time for expert help. Professional pest control services are great at figuring out the problem and suggesting the best solutions for the long run.

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Expert help is great for getting rid of squirrels. They do many useful things:

  • First, they check everything to see what's drawing the squirrels and how bad the damage is.
  • Then, they make a special plan to get rid of the squirrels in a friendly way and to stop more from coming.
  • They use legal, safe methods like setting traps, moving the squirrels, or keeping them out in the first place.
  • They tell you how to change your yard so it doesn't look as good to the squirrels. This includes removing things that they like to eat.
  • They also help you keep your yard squirrel-free in the future, protecting your lawn and garden.

Getting professionals to handle your squirrel problems is a smart move. They are skilled, well-equipped, and well-experienced. By getting their help, you can enjoy your outside area again and avoid more property damage.

Comprehensive Assessment
Professionals can conduct a thorough inspection to identify the root cause of the squirrel activity and the extent of the damage.
Customized Solutions
Pest control experts can develop a tailored plan to remove the squirrels humanely and prevent future infestations.
Effective Techniques
Professionals can implement proven, legal methods for squirrel control, such as trapping, relocation, or exclusion techniques.
Landscape Modification
Experts can advise on how to modify the landscape and remove food sources to make your property less attractive to squirrels.
Long-term Protection
Pest control services can provide guidance on maintaining a squirrel-free environment, ensuring the long-term protection of your lawn and garden.


Squirrels digging in your lawn can seem like a big and ongoing issue. Yet, knowing about their behavior can help a lot. You can protect your yard by removing their food, using things that scare them off, and even setting up sprinklers that turn on by themselves.

A mix of methods is the best way to stop squirrels from destroying your lawn. And, if the problem doesn't go away, pros can help. They know what to do to keep your lawn looking good and healthy.

So, keep an eye out and try lots of different ways to fight the squirrels. If you stay on top of things, you'll have a beautiful lawn that's squirrel-proof. It takes some work, but your effort will pay off with a garden that's perfect for you to enjoy.

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