How to Keep Squirrels Out of Flower Beds

Do squirrels mess up your lovely flower beds? Are you always fighting them off? If your answer is yes, you're not the only one. Squirrels do a lot of damage. They dig holes, eat fruits and veggies, and mess with new plants. Figuring out how to stop them is tough.

But don't worry! This article will share tips to make your garden a place squirrels avoid. We'll talk about things like natural methods and fences. These can stop squirrels from ruining your flowers.

Are you ready to make your garden a squirrel-free zone? Let's jump in and learn how to protect your flower beds from these troublemakers.

Hide or Relocate their Food

To keep squirrels away from your flower beds, limit their food access. They love fallen nuts, acorns, and berries for later. Clean up these nuts and berries in your yard often. This will make them less interested in your flowers. A nut gatherer is a great tool to quickly pick up these items.

Move their food to another spot far from your flowers. Let them find these in a part of your yard just for them. They'll stop bothering your flowers. Make sure your trash cans are tightly sealed, too.

By hiding or moving their food, you'll see fewer squirrels in your garden. Keep your yard tidy, pick up nuts and berries, use a nut gatherer, and give squirrels their own food spot. These steps will make your yard less attractive to them. Your flowers will stay safe and beautiful.

Get a Dog

One great way to keep squirrels out of your flowers is by getting a dog. Dogs are natural enemies of squirrels. Their presence alone can make squirrels stay away. Most dogs like to chase small animals like squirrels. This makes them perfect for keeping your yard squirrel-free.

Dogs keep an eye on your outdoor space, always ready to spot a squirrel. They bark and move a lot, which scares squirrels off. This action signals the squirrels that they should stay away from your flowers.

But, owning a dog is a big commitment. It's a long-term responsibility that takes time, effort, and money. Dogs need proper care, such as food, training, exercise, and regular vet visits. This method may not work for everyone, especially those who can't care for a dog.

The dog's breed and size matter when using them to keep squirrels away. Small dogs might not scare squirrels as effectively. A bigger dog, especially an active one, will naturally want to chase and keep squirrels away.

Treating animals with kindness is very important. Never use harm or aggressive actions towards squirrels.

If you opt for a dog to control squirrels, they need training. Make sure they are friendly and safe around other animals and people. A professional dog trainer can assist in making sure your dog and the local wildlife coexist well.

With a dog as a protector, your garden can become a peaceful place for flowers and plants.

Repellents and Scents

Squirrels are a big issue in gardens, causing a lot of harm and scaring off birds. If you want to keep them out of your flower beds, using certain scents and repellents can be very effective.

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One choice is to go with commercial squirrel repellents such as Plantskydd Deer Repellent. These are made to keep squirrels away. Follow the directions on the package to use them right.

Or, you could go the natural route with items you probably already have. A good example is coffee grounds. Squirrels find the smell of coffee grounds unpleasant. Spreading coffee grounds lightly around your plants can help deter them. Plus, it's good for your flowers.

Using dog hair is another trick. Squirrels don't like the scent of dogs. Place small amounts of dog hair in your garden beds to keep them at a distance. You can get the hair from brushing your own dog or asking local pet groomers.

Be sure to refresh these methods now and then, especially after it rains or is very windy. Doing this regularly will maintain their ability to keep squirrels off your plants. It's a natural way to protect your garden.

Motion-Activated Devices

Motion-activated devices are great for keeping squirrels out of your flower beds. They scare squirrels away. One favorite is a motion-activated sprinkler. It senses squirrels and sprays water to scare them off. This keeps both your flowers and squirrels hydrated.

Another helpful tool is an air can. It blows a sudden burst of air when a squirrel comes near, making them run off. You can easily aim these at specific spots in your garden that squirrels love.

Research shows these devices work well, up to 90% effectively. They can protect your garden from squirrel damage. People often see fewer squirrels once they use these on their property.

But, their effectiveness depends on where you place them and how sensitive the sensors are. You should place the sensors where squirrels tend to come in. And, remember to keep the devices working right by checking them often.

Using these tools, you can make your garden a place where squirrels don't want to be. This allows you to enjoy your flowers without the stress of squirrel issues.

Natural Predators

Keeping squirrels out of your flower beds is key. Using natural predators can work well. By enticing hawks or owls, you make your garden a tough place for squirrels to visit.

To bring in hawks, set up special perches in your yard. These spots let hawks see the area clearly from up high. They look for squirrels as potential meals. Building owl houses can help too. They give owls a cozy spot in your garden.

Yet, if you have small pets, think twice. Attracting these birds might put your pets at risk. So, mull over the good and bad carefully before you start.

- Hawks and owls are natural squirrel predators
- Small pets and birds may be at risk
- Creates a natural deterrent
- Requires careful consideration and monitoring
- Can help maintain ecosystem balance
- May not be effective if squirrels adapt quickly

Bringing hawks and owls to your garden helps deal with squirrels in a green way. But, think about how this might affect your local wildlife.

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Creating Barriers

Squirrels love messing up flower beds. They can be pesky. To keep your plants safe from them, use physical barriers. Row covers, chicken wire enclosures, or a greenhouse work well. They keep squirrels out and your garden intact.

Row covers protect ground crops from squirrel damage. They let sun and rain through to your plants. Place them over your crops and secure with stakes. This method deters squirrels and extends the growing season by keeping your plants warm.

For raised beds or other vulnerable areas, consider chicken wire. This wire goes around the bed and must be buried into the ground. It stops squirrels from digging in and offers solid protection.

Greenhouses are another safe haven for your plants. They control temperature and keep pests, like squirrels, out. Use glass or polycarbonate to make a squirrel-proof place for your plants.

Row covers
They're lightweight and go over plants to keep pests away.
Chicken wire
It's a wire mesh that's great for enclosures and barriers.
This structure, made of glass or polycarbonate, offers a plant-safe space.

Keep your barriers strong and well-placed. This stops squirrels from sneaking in. Check on them regularly to keep your garden safe all season long.

With these barriers, you make your garden a squirrel-free zone. This means not just protecting plants but also your peace of mind.

Companion Plants

Planting certain plants can help keep squirrels out of your garden. These plants don't just look pretty. They also stop squirrels from ruining your beautiful flowers. Try planting mint, marigolds, nasturtiums, and mustard to keep squirrels away.

Mint is a plant that smells good to us but not to squirrels. It grows quickly and has a strong smell. This can keep squirrels out of your garden. Put mint plants at the garden edges to keep squirrels away.

Marigolds are known for their bright flowers. But they also have a smell that squirrels don't like. Placing marigolds in your garden can make it less interesting to squirrels.

Nasturtiums are plants that look nice and smell spicy. Squirrels don't like this smell, so they stay away. By planting nasturtiums with other flowers, you can protect them from squirrels.

Mustard plants have leaves and roots that smell strong. Squirrels don't like this smell. So, planting mustard with your flowers can help keep squirrels out.

Combining these plants with your other flowers can make squirrels avoid your garden. The smells from these plants can discourage squirrels. This will protect your flowers from squirrel damage.

Companion Plants
Strong scent acts as a natural barrier
Vibrant flowers with a strong aroma that repels squirrels
Peppery scent deters squirrels and adds beauty to your garden
Pungent leaves and roots discourage squirrels

Mulch and Ground Cover

Squirrels love to dig around in mulch. They do it to find food, hide it, or just for fun. You can keep them away by picking mulch they don't like.

Certain types of mulch, like rocks or landscaping glass, may stop squirrels. They find these materials uncomfortable. This can help keep them off your flower beds.

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Want an easy, cheap fix? Try laying aluminum foil on the ground. The foil's texture and shine make it a turn-off for squirrels.

Gravel is also a good ground cover to use. Squirrels don't like walking on it because it's bumpy. Plus, there's no place for them to hide in gravel.

The key is to understand nothing works 100% of the time. Squirrel behavior depends on many things, like how many live near you and what food is available.

Feeding Ground and Water

It might not make sense at first, but setting up a spot for squirrels to eat can keep them out of your flowers. When they have their own food spot, squirrels are less likely to bother with your garden.

Squirrel feeders are a great tool. They're made for holding squirrel favorites like sunflower seeds and peanuts. Put these feeders far from your flowers, and squirrels will go there instead of your garden.

Giving squirrels extra crops, like tomatoes, can also work. This alternative food can make them less interested in your garden's produce.

Don't forget about the water. Offering fresh water elsewhere can help protect your fruits and veggies. A shallow water dish near their feeding spot can do the trick.

Squirrel feeders and watering spots could be touchy topics. Some people don't want more squirrels around. But, by providing for their needs in your yard, you're helping to keep your flowers safe.

Relevant Statistics

The Humane Society of the United States advises against using "hot stuff" like cayenne pepper to deter squirrels
Not recommended
PETA recommends spraying surfaces with a mixture of salad oil, horseradish, garlic, and cayenne to keep rats and mice away
May deter squirrels
Blood meal has shown some effectiveness in deterring squirrels
Can be effective, needs reapplication after rain
Consider using hen manure as a potential deterrent for squirrels
May deter squirrels
Using dog or cat hair around the garden perimeter can help keep squirrels away
May deter squirrels


Keeping squirrels out of flower beds is hard, but you can beat it with the right plan. Use a blend of deterrents, repellents, and smart gardening. This helps you make a garden where blooms can grow safe from squirrels.

Keep your garden clean to keep squirrels off. Always pick up fallen fruits and veggies, as they draw squirrels. Don't feed the birds, as it invites squirrels too. Less food for them means they're less likely to come around.

Scents can also work well in deterring squirrels. Try using mint, rosemary, or lavender. Squirrels often don't like these smells. Hot pepper spray or spicy smells are also effective at keeping them away from plants.

Physical barriers can be very protective. Put up fences that are at least 3-4 feet high. Make sure to bury them 6 inches under to stop squirrels from tunneling. Netting that's well-secured over beds and trees works well too.

To keep squirrels away for good, you'll need to be persistent. Always watch and fix your deterrents. With regular effort, you can have a garden full of beautiful flowers, minus the squirrel troubles.

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