How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Car Engine

Did you know squirrels can mess up your car engine? They chew wires and make nests where they shouldn't. This can lead to expensive fixes. So, what can you do to stop them and save money on car repairs?

Preventing them from getting to your car is a major step. Understand that squirrels like to go places they feel safe. Often, they avoid engines in garages, so try parking inside one.

Why Do Squirrels Choose Vehicles

Squirrels love making nests in cars for a few good reasons. They enjoy the warmth from the engine, which is super cozy, mainly in winter. Vehicles give them a safe place away from animals like foxes or bobcats.

Cars make grabbing food outside easy for squirrels, who have a sharp sniffer. Being near people means quick access to snacks and drinks. It's like a buffet close to their nest.

Vehicles also provide lots of nooks and crannies to hide in. The complex parts under the hood are perfect for squirrel hideouts. It's a safe zone that keeps them protected from hunters.

Reasons Squirrels Choose Vehicles
Warmth of car engine
Squirrels seek the warmth generated by car engines, especially during colder months.
Safety of enclosed space
Vehicles provide squirrels with an enclosed space that protects them from natural predators.
Easy access to food
Squirrels can easily find food within vehicles due to their strong sense of smell.
Proximity to human residences
Vehicles located near human residences offer potential sources of food and water.
Hiding spots in vehicle
The intricate tubing and wiring in a vehicle's engine bay provide numerous hiding spots for squirrels.

It’s key to know why squirrels like cars to protect your ride. You can keep them away by cutting off food sources and using repellents. Smart actions help avoid damage to your vehicle.

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Preventing Squirrel Nesting in Your Car

Squirrels entering your car can cause expensive harm. They love cars because of the engine’s warmth, feeling secure in a small space, and easy food access. But, you can keep them out with some simple steps:

  1. Keep your car in a garage: A garage makes your car less tempting to these critters. It gives them less chance to get in.
  2. Seal holes and gaps: Check your garage for holes and gaps. If you find any, block them with steel wool or wire mesh.
  3. Use unpleasant scents and tastes: Squirrels run from strong scents they don’t like. You can use things like bitter apple spray or predator urine to keep them away from your car.
  4. Monitor squirrel activity in parking lots: In public lots, look for squirrel nests or lots of squirrel activities. Try not to park your car close to such spots.
  5. Remove potential food sources: Keep the area around your car clean from twigs, nuts, or trash that squirrels might eat. Make sure to dispose of your trash the right way.

Using these tips can help keep your car squirrel-free. They can stop squirrels from nesting in your car and causing damage.

DIY Methods of Deterrence

Deterrents can keep squirrels out of your car engine. These DIY tactics are easy and protect your car. Let's look at some simple yet effective ways:

1. Leaving the Car Hood Open

Try leaving your car hood open for a day or two. This lets light and noise hit the nest, making it less cozy. It pushes the squirrel to find a safer, quieter home.

2. Introducing Light and Sound

Light and sound can scare off squirrels. Try a lamp under the hood. Squirrels avoid bright areas. Also, turning on a talk radio station can spook them. It sounds like humans are nearby, which they don't like.

3. Introducing Smells

Scents that mimic predators can shoo squirrels away. For instance, you might use apple cider vinegar or garlic. Even dirty kitty litter can repel them. Experiment to see what works best against these critters.

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These DIY methods can help keep squirrels away from your car's engine. But if the problem persists, consider getting professional help. A pest control service can offer strong solutions against rodents in your garage or car.

DIY Method
Leaving the Car Hood Open
Exposes the nest to light and noise, making the mother squirrel feel less safe.
Introducing Light and Sound
Placing a bright light or playing a talk radio station deters squirrels with bright lights and human voices.
Introducing Smells
Using scents like apple cider vinegar, garlic, or dirty kitty litter mimics predator odors and discourages squirrels.

Professional Pest Control Services

If squirrels invade your vehicle, it's best to call in the pros. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has been at it for almost thirty years. They know how to get rid of squirrels safely and keep things humane.

One big benefit of using experts is avoiding diseases. Squirrels and wildlife might carry harmful germs. Without caution, people could get sick. But, professional techs use special gear and knowledge to handle squirrels without spreading illness.

Getting professionals means clean nests. Squirrels hide in tiny spots in your car, leaving messes. Their droppings and nests can smell bad and bring more pests. But, the pros clean these areas thoroughly, making sure it's clean and sanitary.

Besides cleaning, they also stop squirrels from coming back. They check your home or parking lot for easy squirrel entries. By fixing these spots and offering prevention tips, they help you keep squirrels at bay.

Key Benefits of Professional Pest Control Services

  • Safe and humane wildlife control
  • Minimization of disease spread
  • Thorough nest cleaning and sanitation
  • Property assessment for prevention

Going with professional help ensures a safe squirrel removal. They prevent diseases, clean nests deeply, and stop squirrels from coming back. For a safer vehicle and living space, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

Varmint Gone
Since 1983
Squirrel removal, exclusion, repairs
Five-year warranty on squirrel exclusion jobs
Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control
Nearly thirty years
Safe and humane wildlife removal
Thorough nest cleaning, property assessment for prevention
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Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a top choice for removing wildlife and stopping them from coming back. They have almost 30 years of experience. Skedaddle is an expert in getting squirrels out of vehicles safely. They focus on keeping both the animals and people safe.

They start by looking at your property to find where squirrels can get in. They learn about squirrels’ habits to stop infestations before they start. Skedaddle makes sure your vehicle is safe from both current and future problems.

Skedaddle also cares about cleaning up after the squirrels. They remove nests and droppings to stop the spread of diseases and protect your vehicle from damage. Skedaddle offers a full service, making sure there are no signs of a squirrel problem left.

Skedaddle is all about making customers happy and saving wildlife. They work in a way that’s good for both people and squirrels. With Skedaddle, you know your vehicle is safe from squirrels and the harm they can do.


It's important to stop squirrels and other rodents from hurting your car. They chew on wires and nest inside, causing problems like brake failure and fires.

Keep these pests away by using products that repel them. Stuff holes they might get through with steel wool. Also, keep your car clean and free from any food that might attract them.

Check your car often and fix any issues fast. Using special covers can help protect wires. Remember, new cars might use wiring that rodents find especially tasty.

Trying things like leaving your hood open can help a bit. Yet, it's best to get help from professionals like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. They know how to safely get rid of pests and prevent them from coming back.

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