How to Keep Your House from Smelling Like Cat

Are you tired of that cat smell in your house? You want a fresh home for you and your cat. We have what you need to get rid of bad smells and keep your home pleasant.

Start by cleaning the litter box daily. Dr. Stephanie Janeczko advises doing this. But what else can you do to avoid smells?

Air out the litter box by removing the lid daily. This helps to keep the odors less strong.

Clean the scooper after each use. This simple step can stop smell from building up in the box.

But the box itself needs cleaning every week. This means taking out the litter, washing and drying the box, then adding fresh litter. This stops bad smells from spreading in your home.

Baking soda is a great help in fighting odors. Keep a box close to the litter box. Sprinkle it when you clean the litter. This cheap method makes the air smell better.

Don't forget to check the litter box before people come over. A quick check can keep your home's smell at its best.

Older cats might not groom as much. This leads to more odor. Giving your cat extra grooming can keep smells away.

Plastic litter boxes can trap smells when scratched. Change them every six months to avoid odor problems.

Neutering your cat can help prevent spraying. Neutered cats are less likely to mark their territory with bad smells.

If accidents happen, use an enzyme cleaner. A product like Wee & Stain Away can effectively remove odors from various surfaces.

Focus on where your cat stays the most. Clean these areas often to keep your home smelling fresh.

Choose an eco-friendly litter that absorbs well. This can prevent your house from smelling like cat urine.

Try using dry shampoos for your cat. They help between baths, keeping your cat clean and fresh.

Regular cleaning is key. Vacuum, dust, and mop to clean your home often. This keeps away bad smells.

Follow these steps for a better-smelling home. With care given to the litter box, your cat's grooming, and general cleaning, your home will be inviting for all.

Scooping the Litter Box Twice a Day

Keeping your cat's litter box clean is key to stopping bad odors at home. It's important to scoop the box at least two times daily, as Dr. Stephanie Janeczko advises. Doing this keeps the smell away and your home smelling fresh.

In small spaces or rooms without much air flow, this is even more critical. Removing the waste early helps stop the smell from building up. This makes your home a nicer place for you and your cat.

Some cat owners might find that scooping once a day works for them. Others prefer doing it more often. This can really cut down on the smell, keeping your home odor-free.

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You might also think about using top-notch litter, such as Tidy Cats. They are great at fighting off smells. Or you can try other litter types, like Feline Pine or crystal litter. They work well too.

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Don't forget to let the litter box air out for a while each day. This can help get rid of any lingering smells. And always wash the scoop after use. A weekly wash of the litter box itself also helps keep things smelling good.

Adding baking soda to the litter helps a lot. Baking soda is a natural smell remover. But you can also use products specifically made to fight cat smell. Or, think about getting an air filter. It can make a big difference.

By following these steps, you can beat cat smells in your home. It's all about being proactive and keeping your cat's litter box spotless.

Airing Out the Litter Box

To stop the litter box from smelling, air it out often. Take the lid off for a few minutes every day. This lets fresh air in, lowering the smell. It's a quick way to keep your home odor-free.

Airing the litter box also makes your home's air better. This is because fresh air fights bad smells. It's key if your home is small or doesn’t have much ventilation.

Put the litter box in a quiet place to cut down on smell. Best spots are basements or closets. Make sure the box is big enough for your cat, too. It should be the same length as your cat and wide enough for them to turn around.

Cleaning the litter box often is very important. Remove waste every day and clean it monthly. This stops bad smells and keeps the box fresh.

Adding baking soda when you clean helps a lot. Baking soda prevents and gets rid of bad odors. It’s a simple way to make your home smell better.

Letting the litter box air out is crucial for a clean house. Do this, clean the box, and use baking soda. You'll keep your home odor-free for you and your cat.

Washing the Scooper and Litter Box

Cleaning the litter box often is key to stop cat smells at home. Besides scooping twice daily, make a habit of cleaning the scooper and box.

After each use, wash the scooper to stop bad smells. This removes dirt and ensures a clean tool next time. Keep up with this to control smells and keep things fresh.

The litter box itself needs a full wash about weekly. Toss the old litter, clean with mild soap, dry well, and then refill with fresh litter. Doing this helps avoid bad odors and maintains a fresh litter box.

Use soap without scent when cleaning. Perfumes might bother your cat and make them avoid it.

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By staying on top of cleaning the litter box and scooper, you can stop cat smells. This way, you and your cat enjoy a clean space.

Sprinkling Baking Soda

Sprinkling baking soda in the litter box is a great way to reduce cat odor. Baking soda can absorb and cancel out bad smells. It's a natural option for controlling cat odors.

Keep a box of baking soda near the litter box. Sprinkle some over the cat's waste each time you clean the box. This keeps the smells at bay and the area fresh.

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Baking soda doesn't just mask smells, it actually absorbs them. That's why it works so well to stop your house from smelling like kitties.

Combine using baking soda with daily litter box cleaning. This will make a big difference in how fresh your home feels.

Baking soda isn't a replacement for regular cleaning. It's best as a helper to keep the litter box area from smelling bad in between cleanings.

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Use baking soda with your litter box as this special offer suggests. Together, they'll help keep your home smelling good for you and your cat.

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Preventing Cat Odor in Carpets:

Cat odor can get in your carpets and furniture, too. To get rid of this smell, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet. Let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes, then vacuum it up. This will make your carpet smell fresh again.

If the smell won't go away, mix hydrogen peroxide with water and spray it on the spot. This might get rid of the bad smell and any stains left behind.

If the bad smell is still there, or if it's in your floors or walls, get help. A professional cleaner can find and remove the smell. They know how to get rid of really tough odors and keep your home smelling nice.

Checking the Litter Box Before Guests Arrive

It's a good idea to check the litter box carefully before guests get there. Even with regular cleaning, a final look before visitors come can keep the air fresh. This makes a good impression.

Make sure the litter box is the right size for your cat. Big boxes help cats cover their waste. Cats smell things more than we do, so a clean and fresh box is a must.

Where you put the litter box matters too. It needs to be in a quiet place with good air flow. This placement keeps odors to a minimum. It also helps your cat feel safe using the box.

Do some cleaning every day and a deeper clean monthly. This keeps the box fresh and prevents health issues. Cleaning daily lessens bad smells and cat health problems.

Products like baking soda can help. They fight odors without harming your cat. But stay away from strong scents and chemicals. They could make your cat avoid the box.

If your cat makes a mess, use enzymatic cleaners. They stop the mess from happening again. Clean the box with soap and hot water every month to avoid germs.

Empty the box daily when guests are coming. This stops bad smells. Scented bags help keep your trash from smelling.

Maintaining a clean litter box stops cat smells. Follow these suggestions for a fresh-smelling home.

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Setting a Pet Bathing Schedule

Bathing your pets often is important for their cleanliness and to get rid of smells. The American Kennel Club (AKC) says having a bathing schedule lessens pet odors at home.

The AKC advises that dogs need a bath every four to six weeks. But this depends on their breed and what each dog needs. This routine clears dirt, dander, and bad odors off their fur. Cats usually don't need as many baths. But, it's good to bathe them sometimes, especially if they're long-haired or have skin issues.

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If you own a kitten, starting baths early is a good idea. It makes bath time less scary for the kitten and easier for you both.

When you bathe your pets, use shampoos and conditioners meant for them. These are gentle and won't harm their skin. They're good at getting rid of smells without causing irritation.

Having a set time for baths helps reduce pet smells. It's good for your pet's health and keeps your home smelling nice. Baths keep your pets and your house clean. And, it makes your family happy, too.

Cleaning Pet Bedding and Cat Litter

It's vital to keep your pet's bedding and litter box clean. This stops cat odor and bad smells in your home. Clean items keep your pet healthy and happy.

Cleaning Pet Bedding

It's important to clean your pet's bedding weekly. This stops the growth of smelly bacteria, viruses, and more. These things can make your home smell bad.

Here's how to clean pet bedding:

  1. Start by removing loose hair and debris.
  2. Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.
  3. Wash it in hot water with safe detergent for pets.
  4. Make sure it’s completely dry before using it again.

By cleaning your pet's bedding often, you remove bad smells. This gives them a clean, cozy spot to sleep.

Cleaning the Cat Litter Box

The litter box often causes bad smells in homes. It's key to clean it often. This keeps the air fresh for you and your cat.

Follow these tips to clean the litter box:

  1. Scoop out waste every day.
  2. Put the waste in a closed bag or container.
  3. Change the litter weekly to keep it fresh.
  4. Clean the box with mild soap and water each week.
  5. Ensure it's fully dry before putting in new litter.

Regular cleaning means less bad smell and a nicer spot for your cat.

Following these steps will help beat cat odor and keep your home smelling fresh.


Follow these tips to stop cat odor in your home. Clean the litterbox often, at least once every day. Change the litter once a week. This helps a lot in keeping your place smelling good.

It's crucial to groom your cat by brushing their fur. This stops dead hair from piling up. And it makes the house smell better.

Keep your cat's bottom fur short to reduce bad smells. Washing their beds and blankets often is key. It fights bad odors from fur and pheromones.

Use safe products like reed diffusers to cover pet smells. But make sure these products are safe for your cat. If there's an accident, use a good pet cleaner to get rid of the smell.

Vacuum often to remove pet hair. Choose a litter that doesn't get everywhere. A deodorizer for litter boxes can also help keep smells away.

By keeping things clean and using these tips, your home will smell great. Everyone who visits will feel welcomed by a fresh scent.

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