How to Use Irish Spring Soap to Keep Bugs Away

Living in Iowa for 26 years, I've learned a lot about dealing with bugs in the summer. Using Irish Spring soap to keep bugs away is a trick many people talk about. But does it really work?

So, what's the deal with this method? We'll explore its surprising success at keeping pests away. Also, we'll see how you can use it in your own yard.

The Idea Behind Using Irish Spring Soap to Repel Bugs

People use Irish Spring soap to keep bugs away. The smell is thought to stop mosquitoes and bugs. You can grate the soap and scatter it outside to make a protective smell barrier. This may keep insects from bothering you.

Irish Spring soap's maker, Colgate-Palmolive, hasn't confirmed this use. Yet, many say it helps and saves money. People think it wards off various bugs. This includes not just mosquitoes but also flies, mice, and others.

Irish Spring soap may work because of its ingredients. These are like those in bug sprays, such as picaridin and lemon eucalyptus. Be aware, though, scientists don't back up its bug-fighting abilities.

Some believe the strong soap smell might help fight bugs. But, it won't stop flying bugs directly. Using soap mixed with water on your skin could confuse mosquitoes for a bit. Yet, it's not as good as real bug repellents.

The idea that Irish Spring soap repels bugs is very popular. But, we should also look at other ways to stay bug-free. Things like clearing water or using screens can be more effective. Experts recommend trying these alongside the soap method.

How to Use Irish Spring Soap to Keep Bugs Away

Irish Spring soap can be a great natural bug repellent. Grate a bar of soap into fine pieces. Then, place these pieces in your outdoor areas to shield them from bugs. This includes places like patios, decks, or gardens.

Some sprinkle the soap on the ground. Others put it in bowls to avoid it being moved. The aim is to surround your space with the soap's smell, keeping bugs like mosquitoes and ants away.

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Irish Spring's ability to repel insects is a topic of debate. Its scent might keep bugs at bay, but it's not as strong as specialized repellents. Despite this, many swear by its effectivenes against bugs.

To use it well, remember to refresh the soap. Its scent might weaken over time. Also, use it together with other methods, like reducing water where bugs breed, to enhance its power.

Soap Type
Insect Repellent Effectiveness
Environmentally Friendly
Irish Spring Soap
Debatable, mild repellent properties
Not considered cruelty-free
Essential Oil-Based Soaps
Some repellent abilities, but short-lasting
Generally more eco-friendly
Commercial Insect Repellents
Highly effective, EPA-approved
May contain synthetic chemicals

Using Irish Spring soap can help, but don't rely on it completely for bug-free areas. Make sure to use it with other known bug prevention methods. This makes the soap more effective.

The Testing Process and Results

One person tried using Irish Spring soap to keep bugs away in their backyard. They grated a whole bar and put the pieces in bowls around the deck. This was before they planned to be outside.

They watched for bugs carefully that evening. Surprisingly, they didn't see any mosquitoes or insects. Their guests also said they didn't get bothered by bugs. This gave them a bug-free evening.

This was a personal experiment, not a big scientific test. But, it showed that the soap's smell might scare bugs away. So, the evening was bug-free and enjoyable thanks to the soap.

It's key to remember that these results might not happen for everyone. How well the soap works can change. It depends on the types of insects, the area size, and the environment. But, this experiment hints that Irish Spring soap could be a good, cheap way to avoid bugs.

How to Use Irish Spring Soap to Keep Bugs Away From Your Garden

Irish Spring soap works well not just for outdoor areas but also for gardens. Many gardeners find that grating the soap and applying it like a border around their plants helps. This keeps pests like chipmunks, rabbits, and deer away.

To use the soap, grate it and sprinkle around your garden. The strong smell acts as a barrier, stopping pests from getting too close. It's an affordable, green way to keep your garden safe.

Studies show that bugs and rodents don't like Irish Spring soap. This includes flies, mosquitoes, and spiders, plus animals like squirrels and deer.

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Gardeners share they put the soap in different spots to protect their gardens. Some include it is on window seals, near trees, and in trash cans.

The soap's effectiveness can vary. It depends on how strong it is and how you use it. Some people rub the soap on doors or mix it into sprays.

Although some people swear by it for keeping mosquitoes away, solid proof is lacking. For big issues, professional help might be your best choice.

In the end, using Irish Spring soap can be a good way to defend your garden. It's cheap and gentle on the environment. With the soap in place, your plants may thrive without unwanted guests.

Why Irish Spring Soap Deters Pests and Animals

Irish Spring soap is great at keeping pests away naturally. It has special ingredients and a unique smell. The soap uses picaridin, a type of man-made compound that's common in bug sprays. This compound helps hide the smell of things, making them harder for bugs to find. Irish Spring also has oil of lemon eucalyptus. This natural oil is one many animals and bugs don't like.

The soap's strong smell forms a barrier that bugs and animals don't want to cross. It keeps away a bunch of pests like mosquitoes, chipmunks, and deer. Irish Spring is a good choice if you want to avoid using chemicals. But, its effectiveness depends on things like the strength of the mix and how you use it. Yet, it's a smart option for those needing an affordable way to keep pests at bay.

Even though Irish Spring can work well, it's not the best for long-term pest control. Some pests, like rodents, might even see the soap as food if you leave it out. For a bigger pest problem, you're better off with special sprays or traps. Pest control experts know how to handle these situations. They have the training and tools to keep pests away for good without harming the environment.

Helps "mask" the scent of items, making them less detectable to pests
Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus
A natural essential oil that many animals and insects find unpleasant

Irish Spring soap works well for some pests like rabbits and raccoons. But, it's not the only answer. To truly keep your home or garden safe from pests, think about your needs. Look into different methods even including getting help from experts. This way, you can find a solution that lasts and is good for the environment.

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Using Irish Spring Soap Indoors for Plant Pest Control

Irish Spring soap isn't just for keeping pests away from your outdoor plants. It works indoors too, keeping pests like aphids and spider mites at bay. The strong smell of the soap, which is mainly citrus, acts as a natural insect repellent.

To make a homemade spray, mix some Irish Spring soap with vegetable oil and warm water. Put this mix in a spray bottle. Then, spray your houseplants with it. This method is gentle but effective in keeping pests off your plants.

Shannon Harlow-Ellis, certified Entomologist, says Irish Spring has good stuff in it that the EPA likes for pest control. These ingredients, like picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus, scare off insects. That's why Irish Spring soap is a great choice to keep your plants safe.

But, not all bugs will be put off by the soap. Also, results can change depending on how you use it. Sometimes, for tougher pests like mice, Irish Spring might not work as well. Meg Pearson from a wildlife control company mentions this.

If you have a lot of pests, or they just won't go away, it's smart to get help from pest control pros. Yet, using Irish Spring soap is an easy and cheap way to protect your indoor plants from pests.


Using Irish Spring soap as a way to keep bugs away is both smart and good for the Earth. While it hasn't been officially tested, many people say the soap's strong smell scares off pests like mosquitoes and deer. This makes it a great choice for anyone who prefers a natural bug repellent.

You can take some Irish Spring soap, grate it, and place it around places where you don't want bugs. Doing this can make a barrier that discourages them from coming close. You can also mix the soap with water to make a spray. This spray is good for keeping bugs off your houseplants.

This simple soap is a better option than chemical pesticides. It's cheap and eco-friendly. How well it works may change based on what pests you have and where you live. However, many stories say it works and shows its value as a natural way to deal with pests.

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