Is Asparagus Ready to Pick in Spring

Spring brings the arrival of fresh, tender asparagus we all eagerly await. But when exactly should we start picking this prized vegetable? This article will delve into the best time and ways to harvest asparagus. This way, you can enjoy its spring flavors to the fullest.

When is the Right Time to Harvest Asparagus

The best time to gather asparagus is typically late May to early June. This season peaks around mid-spring when it's warmer. Asparagus spears start showing up every 2-3 days. Growers can pick them when they're 6-10 inches tall. However, they should stop when the spears get as thin as a pencil or their tips open up. This means the plant is turning to seed. At this point, the spears are too tough to eat.

For a good harvest, asparagus should be picked over a 6-8 week period. Harvesting should end by July 1st. This lets the plants keep energy for the next year. This schedule matches the typical harvest season. It gives the plants time to get ready for the next growing season.

Growing great asparagus means keeping an eye on the spears. Pick them at the right time for the best results. This way, you can make the most of the harvest season. With these steps, you'll get a lot of asparagus year after year.

Harvest Recommendations
Year 0
No harvest takes place as this is the year of seed planting.
Year 1
No harvesting is done, only transplanting or planting of crowns.
Year 2
Advice varies, with options ranging from no cutting at all to cutting one stem per plant or possibly a two-week cutting period.
Year 3
The first real year of cutting with recommendations to cut for a full season or just 3-5 weeks.
Year 4 onwards
Harvesting can be extended up to an 8-week season without weakening the crop for the following year.

How to Properly Harvest Asparagus

Harvesting asparagus takes careful work. It keeps your plants healthy and helps them grow more. There are two main ways to harvest: cutting with a sharp knife or snapping the spears by hand.

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To cut asparagus, use a sharp knife and cut the spears just 2 inches below the ground. This keeps the bottom tender and white. It also stops extra water from coming out, which makes the asparagus last longer. Just be careful not to hurt the new spears as you cut.

Another way is to snap the spears by hand. This is faster but might make the asparagus not last as long. No matter how you do it, pick them in the morning. They're fresher and tastier at that time.

Usually, you can start picking asparagus in the third year after planting. Some say you could start even earlier. Start picking at the end of April. It goes on for three to four weeks, but this depends on the weather.

It's smart to stop picking when most of the spears are really thin. If you see fewer spears coming up, your harvest season might be over. It's better to wait for next year to pick more.

After the harvest season, cut any spears that are left. Then, put fertilizers on your plants. Keep the weeds away until new spears come up. They'll help keep the soil healthy and the weeds down.

Establishing and Maintaining Asparagus Plants

Asparagus is a vegetable that keeps producing for many years. It needs some work at first, but the effort is worthwhile. You can enjoy a good harvest year after year. Here are some steps to help your asparagus thrive.

To start, make sure to plant asparagus crowns in deep trenches. They should be about 12-18 inches apart. Put only 2 inches of soil on top of them at first. As they grow, you can add more soil to the trench.

Adding phosphorus-rich fertilizers, like bone meal, is very important for asparagus. Compost also helps keep the plants in good shape. Don't forget to keep the patch free of weeds. Weeds compete with asparagus for nutrients and water.

Your asparagus will not be ready to harvest for 2-3 years. After waiting, you can then harvest for a short period each year. With care, these plants can keep giving for up to 30 years. Remember, cutting down dead ferns in winter and adding fresh mulch in spring helps them last longer.

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Asparagus Plant Care Recommendations
Plant crowns 12-18 inches apart in deeply dug trenches, covering with 2 inches of soil initially
Soil Amendments
Add phosphorus-rich fertilizers like bone meal, and top-dress with compost annually
Weed Control
Maintain a weed-free asparagus bed for optimal plant health and productivity
Wait 2-3 years for plants to establish before beginning a short harvest period
Properly cared for asparagus beds can continue producing for 20-30 years

Follow these steps to grow healthy and fruitful asparagus. With the right care, your asparagus bed will last for many years. Soon, you'll be picking fresh asparagus from your own garden.

Is Asparagus Ready to Pick in Spring

As the days get longer and warmer, asparagus growers look out for clues their crop is ready. They know the perfect time to pick asparagus is short, to enjoy the best taste and quality.

They are ready for picking when they're 6 to 10 inches tall and about 1/2 inch wide. This time is usually from mid-April to late June. During these six to eight weeks, growers pick their asparagus.

Homegrown asparagus can get really thick, sometimes over an inch wide. But, thick spears may not always be the best. If they grow too big, or if they start to leaf out, they won't taste good.

Growers watch their plants closely. They pick the asparagus every few days. By stopping picking by July 1st, the plants get to save energy for next year.

Asparagus Harvest Indicators
Optimal Range
Out of Range
Spear Height
6-10 inches
Over 10 inches
Spear Diameter
1/2 inch or wider
Less than 1/2 inch
Harvesting Window
Mid-April to Late June
Beyond Late June

By keeping a close eye on the size of their spears, growers ensure a great harvest. This approach leads to years of healthy harvests and tasty asparagus for everyone to enjoy.

Extending the Harvest Season

While the main asparagus harvest lasts around 6-8 weeks, gardeners can employ tricks to extend the asparagus season and get more from their asparagus crop. One method is to pick the spears every 2-3 days, not daily, during the peak time. This helps the plant save energy for growing more spears later.

Letting some spears grow over 10 inches and form ferns is a good way to extend the asparagus harvest. These ferns store energy for future spear growth. After the last harvest in early summer, keep the ferns until they wither in the fall. This supports the plant's health and the next season's yield.

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With good care, an asparagus bed can produce for up to 15 years. Care involves keeping the soil pH right (between 6.0-7.5), regular fertilizing, and controlling weeds. By using these methods, gardeners can make the most of their asparagus crop for many years.

Post-Harvest Care and Preparation

After harvesting, asparagus needs special care to stay fresh and tasty. It only lasts 3 to 5 days. You can make it last longer by storing it in water or wrapping it in damp cloth, then a plastic bag in the fridge.

It's best to eat asparagus right after picking for the most flavor. But, you can also store it for a bit by keeping it moist. Using these simple tricks, you'll prolong the amazing taste of your asparagus.

There are many ways to enjoy your fresh asparagus. You could try a bean salad with potatoes and pesto, a fennel and spinach soup, or eggs-in-a-basket grilled cheese. These tasty dishes show off how versatile asparagus is.

Knowing how to store asparagus and having great recipes is key. It lets you use your asparagus well, from keeping it fresh to cooking in creative ways. With the right info, your asparagus crop will be a hit.


Asparagus is special for being among the first veggies in spring. Its season is short but awaited eagerly. Knowing when to pick asparagus and how to do it can help farmers get more from their plants. With the right care, your asparagus patch could last up to 15 years.

To get tasty asparagus each spring, follow these tips. Plant your asparagus in a sunny spot, keep weeds away, and pick the spears properly. Looking after your asparagus well means you'll get to enjoy this healthy veg for a long time.

Are you into growing things or just starting with plants? Growing asparagus can be a fun and rewarding journey. By using what you've learned here, a rich and sustainable asparagus crop is within reach.

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