Will Irish Spring Soap Keep Squirrels Away

Welcome to our guide on keeping squirrels out. Many wonder how to do this. Squirrels can get into hard-to-reach places. So, does Irish Spring soap offer a simple answer?

Homeowners often use Irish Spring to keep squirrels off. It has a smell that squirrels may not like. But, does it work? Is there proof it keeps squirrels away? We'll look into Irish Spring and other ways to solve this.

How Squirrel Repellents Work

Squirrel repellents are made to keep squirrels out of places using smells, tastes, textures, and sounds. You can get repellents in sprays, granules, and devices that make sounds squirrels don't like.

Natural repellents, like plants that smell bad to squirrels, are getting more popular. Squirrels really don't like the smell of plants such as garlic, peppermint, and lavender. These plants, along with daffodils, snowdrops, and others, have things in them that squirrels find yucky or even harmful.

It's key to pick the right repellent for what you need. Use sprays or granules to keep squirrels from gardens or bird feeders. These items give off strong smells that drive squirrels away.

Ultrasonic devices send out sounds squirrels hate but people can't hear. They make the area sound unfriendly to squirrels, keeping them away.

With these tools, people can protect their spaces from squirrels. They are great for keeping gardens, bird feeders, and other spots safe. Just remember, these repellents work best when used with other squirrel-fighting methods.

Repellent Type
Garlic spray, peppermint spray
Dried blood granules, predator urine granules
Ultrasonic Devices
Sonic repellers, ultrasonic pest control devices

Always read and follow the repellent's instructions for the best results. Changing up the types you use can help, too. This keeps the squirrels from getting used to them.

Just know, not every repellent will work the same everywhere. How well they work can depend on things like how many squirrels are around or the weather. Keep an eye on how they're working and tweak your approach to keep the squirrels out for good.

What Attracts Squirrels to Your Yard

Squirrels love places with lots of food, places to hide, and water nearby. Knowing what they like helps keep them from being a problem.

Food Sources

Squirrels really enjoy bird feed and anything edible, like from gardens and fruit trees. If you have bird feeders, squirrels might come. The same goes for gardens and fruit trees that bear nuts, fruits, or berries.


Squirrels climb well and look for safe hiding places. This could be dense plants, close tree branches, or hollow trees. They choose spots that keep them safe from danger and bad weather.

Water Sources

Water also pulls in squirrels. They are drawn to birdbaths, ponds, or any available water. Since squirrels need to drink, making water easy to access makes your yard more attractive.

To keep squirrels away, do the following:

  • Use squirrel-proof feeders or place them where squirrels can't get to them.
  • Regularly clean up any fruits, nuts, and seeds that fall to the ground.
  • Put up barriers around feeders and fruit trees to block squirrel access.
  • Cut back any tree branches that reach close to your house to stop squirrels from getting in.
  • Close off any holes or openings in your home's outer walls to keep squirrels out.
  • Keep your trash cans closed tightly to not attract squirrels with food remains.
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Following these steps will make your yard less interesting to squirrels. You might also want to use things like motion-activated water sprinklers to scare them off. Planting squirrel-repelling plants can also help keep them away.

Tips for Keeping Squirrels Away

Keeping squirrels away is not impossible. There are good ways to protect your yard and garden. Try these effective tips for squirrel control:

  1. Trimming tree branches: Squirrels love to climb trees. By cutting branches, you stop them from getting on your roof.
  2. Sealing entry points: Check your house for any holes or openings. These are perfect squirrel doorways. Seal them up tight.
  3. Installing motion-activated sprinklers: Sprinklers that work when they sense movement can scare off squirrels. They find the sudden water spray a big surprise.
  4. Planting squirrel-repellent plants: Some plants squirrels simply don’t like. Things like garlic, peppermint, and daffodils can keep them from your yard.
  5. Using squirrel-proof bird feeders: If you like feeding birds, get a feeder that's squirrel-proof. It won't let them steal the food.
  6. Using repellent devices: There are sprays and ultrasonic gadgets that make squirrels want to leave. They hate the smells and sounds.
  7. Cleaning up dropped food: Don't leave anything on the ground that squirrels can eat. This makes your yard less inviting for them.
  8. Installing barriers around trees: Wrapping tree trunks can stop squirrels from climbing. This way, they can't get onto your roof or into birdhouses.
  9. Having pets: Dogs and cats keep squirrels away. Squirrels are afraid of them because they’re natural enemies.

Use these tips to fight off squirrels and protect your garden and home from their mischief. Test what works best for you and adjust if needed. This can help keep squirrels away in the long run.

Squirrel Control Tips
Trimming tree branches
Prevents squirrels from accessing your home
Sealing entry points
Denies squirrels access to your home
Installing motion-activated sprinklers
Startles and deters squirrels with bursts of water
Planting squirrel-repellent plants
Utilizes strong scents that squirrels find unpleasant
Using squirrel-proof bird feeders
Prevents squirrels from accessing bird food
Using repellent devices
Emits odors or sounds that deter squirrels
Cleaning up dropped food
Removes food sources that attract squirrels
Installing barriers around trees
Physically blocks squirrels from climbing trees
Having pets
Presence of predators can deter squirrels

The Effectiveness of Irish Spring Soap

Irish Spring soap's use as a squirrel deterrent sparks debates. Many say it works, but there's no proof. The success of any squirrel repellent depends on factors like the area's squirrel population, the environment, and what the squirrels like. It's wise to be open to trying other methods if Irish Spring soap doesn’t work.

Some say Irish Spring soap keeps squirrels away from gardens or homes. They argue the soap's strong smell is repulsive to squirrels. But, these stories are only personal experiences and might not always be true.

People's views on Irish Spring soap differ widely. While some people trust it to repel squirrels, others see no effect. The soap's success may vary because of differences in squirrel behaviors and the availability of other foods.

Without solid science, we should see Irish Spring soap as a possible, not surefire, solution. It might work under certain circumstances but keep an open mind about other tactics.

To use Irish Spring soap as a squirrel repellent:

  • Put bits of it in key spots like gardens or attics where squirrels go.
  • Change the soap often to keep its smell potent.
  • Use it with other methods like removing food, closing openings, or bird feeders that squirrels can't use.
  • If squirrels persist, try different repellents or get a professional's advice.
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Squirrel control needs more than just repellents. Include changes to the area and preventive steps. Always think about getting advice from experts or pest control if you're not sure what to do.

Other DIY Squirrel Repellents

Irish Spring soap is well-known for keeping squirrels away. Yet, there are more natural methods people use. These include scents or items squirrels dislike. Let's look at some repellents you might want to try:

  1. Cinnamon: Squirrels don’t like the strong smell of cinnamon. Sprinkle it in areas where squirrels are a problem to deter them.
  2. Red Cayenne Pepper: Squirrels find the spiciness of red cayenne pepper unpleasant. By sprinkling it around your garden, you might keep them out.
  3. Mothballs: Mothballs are effective due to their strong smell. Use them to keep squirrels out of specific places.
  4. Juicy Fruit Gum: Chewing gum with strong scents, like Juicy Fruit, might scare squirrels off. Put it where you see squirrels actively.
  5. Human Hair: The scent of human hair can make squirrels feel like predators are near. Place it around to keep them away.

Remember, the success of these methods can differ. It depends on the squirrels in your area and what they like. You might need to try a few to see what works best for you.

The Limitations of DIY Repellents

DIY squirrel repellents, like Irish Spring soap, are popular. But they have limits. They might only work for a short time despite claims they do work.

Squirrels are smart. They can get used to the smell of Irish Spring over time. So, the soap scent might stop working as a repellent. The scent from Irish Spring soap goes away quickly. You need to keep putting it on to keep it working. Plus, it's hard to cover big areas with it.

Squirrels might not mind the soap smell after a while. They could be less scared by it as time goes on. This shows that DIY methods have their faults. Some people recommend grating Irish Spring soap in their garden. They think it might work better that way. But even this isn't a sure thing.

Putting on the soap often in places squirrels visit most might help. Remember, Irish Spring soap may need help from other pest control methods. It’s good to know the downsides of DIY squirrel repellents. Using pro traps and baits could be a better choice. They offer a stronger, more lasting way to deal with squirrels.

Seeking Professional Help

If DIY methods don't work or if you have a big squirrel problem, getting professional help is smart. Experts in pest control offer services to get rid of squirrels safely and effectively.

These experts use various methods to deal with squirrels. They often use traps that don't hurt the squirrels. Then, they take the animals to new places where they won't bother anyone.

These professionals know how to stop squirrels from coming back. They can find how the squirrels get in and then seal those places. This keeps your home or garden safe from future visits.

Besides removing squirrels, experts may also use special devices to keep them away. These devices can make sounds that squirrels don't like. This makes squirrels leave without anyone getting hurt.

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Turning to professionals for help means you get well-rounded solutions. They use advanced products and methods that work better than what you might try on your own.

If squirrels just won't leave or are hurting your property, expert help is the way to go. These professionals are ready to handle even the toughest cases. They promise to solve the problem for good.

Professional services always value the well-being of animals. They ensure that squirrels are treated kindly as they're being moved. This caring way of working is also good for the environment.

The Importance of Humane Squirrel Deterrence

Dealing with squirrels calls for using kind ways to keep them away. Homeowners should pick methods that work but don't hurt the squirrels. This keeps your home safe and the squirrels happy in their own space.

A lot of ways to keep squirrels away are out there. These include things like special chemicals and gadgets. But, it's key to choose ways that treat the squirrels fairly. Trapping and moving them is one good option. This lets you get them off your property without harm.

Knowing what lures squirrels to your place is step one. They love fruit trees, gardens, and bird feeders. Making sure your yard doesn't have these squirrel magnets can cut down on visits.

Tackling squirrel issues works best with a variety of methods. Some tips include:

  • Keeping food away: Ensure bird feeders are hard for squirrels to reach and clean up leftover food often.
  • Use barriers: Fences or mesh can stop squirrels from getting to some places.
  • Cutting tree branches: Trim branches that help squirrels get into your home.
  • Close up entry points: Block holes and openings that squirrels might use to get in.
  • Try repellent gadgets: Use devices or smells that squirrels don’t like to keep them away.
  • Tidy up food spills: Regularly get rid of food messes or trash that attracts squirrels.
  • Plant unappealing plants: Some flowers and herbs put off squirrels because they don't like the smell or taste.
  • Have pets around: Dogs and cats can scare away squirrels naturally.

Sticking to a plan and keeping up with these squirrel deterring steps is crucial. If you're consistent and watchful, your home can stay squirrel-free.


Irish Spring soap is good at keeping garden pests away. It's because of its strong smell. This smell keeps critters like deer, rabbits, and bugs out. Plus, Irish Spring soap is safe for the environment and does not harm the garden's ecosystem.

But, there isn't solid proof that it works on all pests. For example, there's not enough evidence that it stops termites or mosquitoes. So, it's smart to try other things too, like store-bought repellents. You should also plant flowers and herbs that bugs and animals don't like.

To fight off squirrels, pick the right plants for your yard. Keep it clean by taking away nuts and berries that have fallen. You can also use things like sprinklers that turn on when they sense movement. Or, devices that make sounds that pests don't like. If squirrels keep coming and are a big problem, you might need a professional to help catch and relocate them.

Finding the best way to control squirrels might mean using a mix of different strategies. The key is to protect your garden without hurting others. Use ways that are kind but still get the job done well.

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